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Our Chefs

Fiercely Passionate, hardworking and sincere. That sums up the very essence of our team of chefs.. Coming from some of the best restaurants in India, they bring their flavours across the pond into Singapore. To cook many of our dishes, we use large cooking pots. Our team of chefs (headed up by Satyendra Singh) slow-cook our sauces sometimes for as long as six hours. They season and taste every dish to make sure the flavour is just right.

Our Team

Cheerful and always ready to help, our team of wait staff always make us proud.. They work meticulously and efficiently to ensure that all our customers are carefully attended to and satisfied with their service. This is no mean feat, especially on days when we pack out the restaurant in under 20 minutes. Our very own super-team.

Our Management

Rohit Jois

Born and bred in Singapore, Rohit spent most of his time outside the kitchen while growing up. Rather, He learned the importance of hospitality and an entrepreneurial spirit through his folks who love cooking and frequently host events at home.

He is the Business Development head, responsible for partnerships, conceptualising and executing new ventures and staff training.

Virbahadur Yadav

Our hustler in chief. Hailing from a small town in Bihar, Northern India, he’s come a long way, originally from a Non-English background and humble beginnings. This industrious entrepreneur , worked his way up from  a bell-boy as well as  serving customers for long hours in a food court to save up the money to open his own restaurant in a foreign country.

He is now the operational head specifically looking after quality control, increasing efficiency and staff hiring.